Wrapping up Effective Communication

The forty plus posts on this blog have been based on a course I taught entitled: Effective Communication. The required text for that course was, Looking Out, Looking In (2004) by Adler, Towne & Rolls. There are probably newer versions out there – the book is a keeper and only gets better with each new edition.

Looking Out, Looking In Cover

Fear not! Wrapping up effective communication is not the end of this blog. The Saying What Matters lady plans to ramp up her posts by taking followers into the realm of helping relationships. Skills mastered in the area of effective communication are vital when it comes to being of help to others. Hint, hint – review of past posts is not out of the realm of reason. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink and all of that.)

Before we move on, I’d like you to imagine a world where, from a young age, children are taught and see modeled all around them the basics of effective communication. All the various skills that have been discussed in this blog are part of the school curriculum from kindergarten onwards. Children grow up with as fine an understanding of these skills as they have for any other school subject. Communication literacy – that’s what we’ll call this essential learning. How different would that world be from the one you live in now?

Emma & baby chick

When I taught effective communication at the university level the following comments were common reactions to the course:

  • Why didn’t anyone ever teach me anything like this before?
  • I’ve been in university for four years and this is the first course I’ve taken that had the potential to make a difference in my life.

In some ways, these reactions made me sad. At the same time, communication literacy is better learned late than never. Change is always possible.

In invite you to follow along with the Saying What Matters lady as we move forward into the realm of what it means to be truly of help to others. It’s going to be an exciting and challenging ride, so buckle up!

Sunset highway shot - Bruce Witzel photo

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